Admire the architecture of Santorini ex altis!


The architecture of Santorini is yet another element that makes the island of Santorini so unique! The volcanic heritage and more over the particularity of the Santorinian ground after the volcanic eruption of 1600 BC lead the residents of the island to build their houses according to the specific characteristics of the earth of Santorini.

It is quite impressive to see the details of Santorini’s architecture with a helicopter tour. Let’s find out now some particular characteristics that dominate the aesthetic of Santorinian architecture. On  the islands first settlement, which developed in Akrotiri we find some three storey buildings but the ones that you come across when flying with one of our helicopters are the famous cave houses. Carved into the rocks of the caldera with façades adorned with small windows and doors, the Santorini cave houses today are mostly modern hotel suites with swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

The second architectural type that you notice as you fly around the island of Santorini is the impressive Captain’s Houses or mansions. Especially in Oia and Fira you will see these charming houses built by rich captains and ship owners over the past decades and especially during the18th century.

Last but not least are the picturesque churches of Santorini. If you are flying over the caldera side of the island look for the church of Theoskepasti at the Skaros rock, where laced steeples sprawl their beauty all across the island. Take as many photos as you can to remind you of every detail that characterizes the Santorinian landscape. Ask “Choose Yafy” for more information. Book your next helicopter tour in Santorini now!