Discover the most famous caldera in the world with a helicopter tour!

santorini helicopter tour caldera greece

Your visit in Santorini has one major point of reference; the famous caldera of Santorini! Seductive, impressive and stunning; a geological phenomenon so rare and beautiful that can be admired only in a handful of spots across the world. But what is a caldera? What makes Santorini’s caldera so unique? And which is the most intriguing way to discover it? Read all the details below!

A caldera is the result of a massive volcanic eruption that forces the earth to sink below the sea’s surface leaving only some parts of land to their previous position. A caldera looks like a gigantic cauldron, surrounded by rocks and soil with the sea in the middle, so as to resemble the cooking pot. In every caldera across the world you can see layers of rocks in many different colours showcasing the geological miracles beneath our feet.

Santorini’s caldera is probably the most impressive caldera in the world for various reasons. First of all, it is one of the few inhabited calderas in the world. The white washed, cub shaped houses at its very top, along with the captain’s houses and the church’s steeples create yet a unique atmosphere. The famous sunset of Santorini derives all its magical energy from the caldera. As evening comes, the horizon is coloured with every shade of red and time seems to stand still as the sun disappears without a single sound; no wonder it receives thousands of people give it a standing ovation!

So, we said some things about the calderas of the world and particularly the Santorini one. Now it is time to reveal the best way to be thrilled by this unique phenomenon. Fly with a helicopter over the caldera, enjoy the panoramic view and let yourself get carried away as you admire the beauty and feel the power of the caldera of Santorini! Click to book a helicopter tour in Santorini and get ready for the experience that very few people get to live as they vacation in Santorini!