Fly to the sunset! Enjoy Santorini’s spectacle with a helicopter tour


Thousands of photos are taken daily featuring one and only theme; one main subject from various angles showcasing what made the island of Santorini famous across the world. The magnificent sunset! Do you want to impress your friends or, in other words, do you wish to live a unique experience in Santorini? Then book a helicopter tour and while others enjoy the sunset on the land, at crowded places you will be flying facing the sunset and being part of these moments of awe-inspiring beauty at the comfort and privacy of a helicopter.

Click on Santorini Helicopter Tours to arrange all the details of participating in a private or semi-private helicopter tour right at the heart of Santorini’s sunset. Our helicopters are ready to take off and take you on a magical trip to experience what is probably the world’s most beautiful sunset.

Admire every shade of red as they are dyeing the horizon when the sun sets behind the volcanoes and the islands of the Santorini’s archipelago. The time of a sunset helicopter tour is scheduled according to the exact time of the sunset (as it changes in the course of the season) and we will take you on the best spots from where you can see up close and personal the flaming-red sun of Santorini diving behind the horizon.

Flying with a helicopter at sunset time is a great choice for couples who wish to live a romantic experience; even better, this is the most ideal opportunity for a wedding proposal! Imagine the surprise and the overwhelming feelings as you ask your beloved one to marry you engulfed by the scarlet red of Santorini’s sunset flying above the sea and the majestic caldera. For further information and arrangements just click on Santorini Helicopter Tours.