The Volcanic Beaches of Santorini on a helicopter tour!


An important part of Santorini’s volcanic splendour is undoubtedly the beaches and the rugged coastal line of the island. The volcanic beaches of Santorini have unique, bold colors and scenery that resembles no other beach you have ever been to. Choosing a helicopter tour in Santorini to take you to the beaches of Santorini gives you easy access to places you cannot visit by car or foot. In every turn that you take you will be enchanted by the wild savageness of the landscape contrasted by the shimmering calmness of the Aegean Sea.

We will now give you some tips on what you are about to witness as you are flying to the beaches of Santorini. To start with, the impressive Red Beach, a red rock that creates a magical, dramatic  backdrop to a thin stretch of volcanic black and red pebbles; the neighbouring White Beach has a surreal, almost lunar ambiance that takes your breath away. At the beach of Vlychada the rock formations comprise the volcanic scenery with a long chain of white rocks sculpted by the strong wind and waves.

As we are flying towards the eastern part of Santorini we come across some wild beaches, like the beach of Koloumpos with the caves and the little bay of Pori, where the black rocks here create yet a different landscape. The beaches on the side of the caldera are quite impressive as well. It is really a unique experience to admire the beaches of Santorini from above, on a helicopter tour.

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